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Rich Beans Coffee

One Of The World's Rarest Coffee from the World's Most Beautiful Island.

Founded with a vision of reconnecting to the rich heritage and history of the Island of Jamaica.

Hand-Picked | Organic | Jamaican Fresh | Black Owned

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Who Are We?

After a fifteen year hiatus from his home land of Jamaica, Arthur K. Richards launched Rich Beans in 2020. Rich Beans isn’t just a coffee business; it is a means of reconnecting to the family land and to an Island deep in history and presence. Whether it be the birth place of James Bond or the land of Nanny-the mother of the Maroons, Jamaica is special and can be tasted in every Rich Beans cup. 

The initial sourcing is a mix from the Richards' family farm which is located at the entrance of the Blue Mountains in Portland, Jamaica and local farms on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

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